What Now?

Remember when you were little and your friends or cousins came over? You’d play with them for hours at length, barely stopping to take a bite out of a sandwich or getting a sip of water in?

And then, as time passed, you ran out of things to play… And then you start getting super-bored and eventually super tired.

So before that super-bored time comes, you run up to anyone around the house and ask them to play with you, or give you a game to play. They list a bunch of things that you can do, but you’ve done it all. So you ask, “What do we do NOW?”

That’s when your parents get the hint that maybe it’s time to go, innit? But you don’t want them to leave either…

So once you’ve done all you can to try to avoid it, and failed miserably, you come back to your room all alone. Less than half an hour ago you were buzzing with energy, but now your legs seem leaden and you can barely move them.

You walk up to your bed, only to find that there’s no space for you to lie down. Just then you hear your mum call out, “Clean up your room before you go to bed, okay?”

All you can think is “AAAHHHHH!” and you feel like just dumping everything onto one side of the bed, or just shoving it all under it. But then you hear your mum’s footsteps coming towards the room, and you’re in no mood to hear her lecture you about how untidy you and your friends are. So, you grab onto that slim thread of motivation and quickly clean up the whole place and jump into bed.

Of course, your mum opens the door to find the whole place spic and span, and thinks to herself, “What a good little kid I have.”


Well right now, my sister and my niece are in the “What-do-we-do-now” phase… and this is what our room looks like..

Yup, they left the game half way, and the comic books are just lying around…. Meh.. take a wild guess at who’s going to have to “Help” fix it..?

God save us from the wrath of bored kids.



Update: They have coaxed me into making them a treasure hunt….this should be interesting…


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