I know I say this more often than not, but today it really REALLY hit me how important my blog is..

I was telling my uncle the story about a man I met on the street, old, salt and pepper hair, tall and worried. Helping him with the parking meter won me a smile straight from his pretty grey-blue eyes ( the colour of a gathering storm). His smile really did make my day, for the reason that I’ve read that description so many times but never been able to imagine it with satisfaction.

Now when I was done telling him the story, his reaction to it made me realize that he didn’t get the point of it, or why it made my day. He connected it to something completely different..

I only share my most random and secret thoughts with you guys, because it feels like I’m writing a diary, and that helps me open up and even explore my own thoughts in ways I cannot explain. Oh and there’s one or two others who get an insight on what I think… but it isn’t always EVERYTHING… Sometimes I have to hold back certain things from them.. I don’t really know why…

Sometimes I think that maybe my most random and deep thoughts come to me when I sit to write my blog…

I do realise that It’s becoming more and more like an everyday journal… But at this point in time, the only time I have for myself is when I sit and write my blog. I don’t get that much time to talk to my friends and tell them about what’s going on. I don’t even get time to take in my surroundings in order to capture a photograph these days..

Anyway, here’s today’s pic. I took this at uni today, when I was enjoying 30 mins of happiness between back to back classes..

Will you think I’m crazy if I told you that when I was looking for this pic from the browser… I was looking for it through my peripheral vision, as in to see if I could find it just by the colours and without focusing on it..?



P.S. Thanks for listening.


4 thoughts on “Listen

    • Lol, Jude’s uncle?

      Now that you mention it, we’re going to learn how to collect blood and test it next week, which should be fun. Some classes, like anatomy, are fun.. its just that having to sit and concentrate for so long takes its toll on me =\

  1. I know what you mean..! My class on Thursday was really heavy – I was at a table at the back so could sit there with my lolly (and bags of chocolates we kept sliding across at each other whenever someone flumped onto the table…) =S (I keep forgetting Jude is not Egyptian..! =S Nvm – it’s just me!)

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