So There..

Guess what? Today is the day when I passed another stepping stone in life.. I passed my final road test this morning! =D

Remember when I posted a photo of the area in the driving institute where I had to learn how to park? and I said that I want to look back at it as something of the past? >> (Just in case you would like to refresh your memory)

Well, it hasn’t hit me properly yet, but I’m done with it! Alh I passed in the first attempt, which is somewhat rare. My friends and family were constantly reminding me that it’s very rare for people to pass in the first attempt… oh well.. As Link said, ‘Have a little faith’ XP

When things like this happen, it never hits me for quite a while.. My brain tends to be floating in this random state of calm… not comprehending the excitement =S

The truth is, I wasn’t’ screaming with excitement until I called my friend. She starting laughing like a mad woman and then went on to say that even her brother didn’t get it in his first attempt..well, neither did mine =P

I remember, when I was applying for my license, my dad was all like “you need to be vigilant at all times while driving… Just relax and keep calm ,and don’t be scared” And I burst out laughing right there and then, because it just seemed funny that he was talking to ME so seriously bout driving… It seems like it was just yesterday when my mum used to go for driving classes.. But it’s been a while..

So yeah, that was that =]

Proof XP





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