Random thought, as always. Humor me please =)

So, you’re walking out the door, got your Ray Bans on and the keys to your BMW in your hands. You’re feeling somewhat invincible this morning, you’ve got it all, you’re right on top.

You look down at the world through your shades. No one can see your eyes, the windows to your soul, but you can see everything. You can see that whoever comes up to you for a little chat finds that seeing their own reflection when they look at you is quite unnerving. You love it! You love to see people shift uncomfortably, constantly checking themselves when talking to you. It makes you feel in power.

So you’re hanging around, doing your thing, and you walk into a cafe. Naturally, you take your shades off, I mean , no matter how cool they look, you’re not vain enough to keep them on inside..yet =P

So, you set them down on the table beside you, and order a coffee and a blueberry pie. A treat from you, to you , to mark a good day.

The waitress comes back with your order, and as you get ready to dig into your pie, your elbow knocks your shades right off the table! You’re absolutely frozen with shock for a moment.

You pick your shades up once you’ve somewhat recovered and assess the damage.One of the lenses is shattered in such a way that it’s got a hole in it!

You’re still pretty dazed by the whole thing, so you put your shades on… For closure I guess?

Once you’ve got them on, you open your eyes, and what do you see? You see so many people smiling at you, some even giggling at the way you look. You don’t get mad at them, you’re too busy observing what this accident had caused you to stumble upon. You can’t remember the last time someone smiled at you so easily while you had those shades on. It was always this look of unease…

So instead of banging your head on the wall, you start laughing too.

This incident changed you a bit. Firstly, you never EVER put your elbows on the table while eating. Secondly, the whole thing humbled you a bit. You smile at random passers-by, you never look down at anyone anymore, and most importantly, you’ve bought yourself a more friendly looking(if you will) pair of shades.

I’ve tried them, it’s true. These don’t belong to me though =P




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