Think About It

I’m sure you’ve heard, thought of having a remote control for life. You know, rewind to the good old days, pause the awesome moments, stop the violence bla bla bla

But you know what is a little less unheard of (In normal folk.. Gamers have probably said or thought of this..)?  What if there was a Gaming remote control for life?

Imagine what life would be like.. You could tackle every issue, and replay every time you failed.. You could gain more lives by doing quests ( for some reason chores come to mind when I say that..=S). You could even do a multi player thing ( Hanging with friends and family)… But in the end… you’ll get a big, fat GAME OVER anyway…

Morbid? I know.. I don’t even know what I was thinking when I decided to write this post, or thinking at all for that matter!

So, here’s to life, just the way it is.. Enjoy it to the max and do what you gotta do. Remember your mistakes but don’t let them hold you back.



P.S. My day started off with me smiling at the ceiling today.. So I wonder what made me write this =/


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