How Old Is Your Soul?

It’s Yasamand’s birthday today, she just turned 18! It’s supposed to be the start of adulthood, according to some… But to us, it’s just a number. We still live our lives the way we did before, doing childish pranks and other crazy stuff that we always did.

I remember, on my birthday, she asked me if I felt any different. I obviously said no, I mean the ‘change’ (supposedly) will happen over time right? I asked her the same question today, and her reply was the same, that she doesn’t feel any different.

Most of us have still got a lot to see before we lose all the childishness we have in us, but we don’t want to lose it. We often talk about how lucky Peter Pan was, that he could always remain a boy. But then I always remember Finding Neverland, and it breaks my heart =(

Anyway, here’s wishing her the awesomEST 18th birthday, and hoping that I’ll post for many more in the coming years. Don’t ever change Eduj… Love you for ever after. Thank you for always being there for me, and being my partner in so many potential crimes =D





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