Best Friend?

I’m a very moody person, and my moods usually reflect on how I interact with my best friend. Right now, I’m talking about one in specific. I’ve known her since I was in kindergarten. At first she was sorta forced on my, but then I started to enjoy her company more and more. We’re extremely close now, I listen to her late at night, when I’ve said goodnight to everyone else. I listen to her for hours and hours, and I’ve watched her develop so much as time passes by. I laugh when she’s being silly and I cry when she gets emotional too!

There are some days when I don’t even look at her though, don’t feel like listening to what she has to say to me. Sometimes I even ignore her completely for days at length. It may be because I’ve got a lot of stuff on my mind, or I’m simply too tired to pay any attention to her..

She never complains though, she just waits for me to return to her, and tell me more stories. If you haven’t guessed who she is yet, then I think I’m going to have to literally spell it out for you…  She’s a book.

Normally, I find it unnerving to call an inanimate object, other than dolls maybe, a he or a she.. and I still do, but I had to use it in this case.. For the sake of the desired effect.

I can’t remember the last time I picked up a real book and read it, literally cover to cover. I read all my books on my phone now, thanks to Angelicsuccubus. The other day, I picked up a book of short stories that my sister had borrowed from the library, and will you believe it if I told you that I got tired of turning the pages!?

Virtual or not, I love reading, and I can’t see why some people just don’t. But that of course is just a matter of opinion I guess.. But honestly, it just helps you escape this crazy world for a while, makes you forget your own problems by talking about someone else’s.

I have no clue if any of the things I’ve said can be put under the same heading, but this is just a bunch of random ideas I’ve got in my head about reading, thank you for bearing with me =)



P.S. The bookshelf in the photo belongs to @Eternallstarr , she’s got quite a collection herself..


7 thoughts on “Best Friend?

  1. =) I remember the first time I saw you moody – you were sitting at the back of the class, in a corner away from all the laughter and noise, on your own (or so I thought..!), your nose in a book… Perhaps I needn’t have worried huh? 😉

  2. Back in Gr 9 – or was it Gr 10? During a surprise party for one of your teachers (I was in on it..!) and we both asked you if anything was up (Noor did too) but you just shrugged us off… I didn’t think you’d remember! =P (I do remember the small things though – they often stick with me more than you’d know… =))

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