First Light

~When The Morning Came I Was Up Before First Light~

HAHA, yeah right! I’d have to be crazy to wake up that early during my holiday! Well, I’d probably open my eyes for a bit, check the time, and force myself back to sleep.. Sleeping in is a luxury these days ya know!

So, now that we’ve established that I didn’t wake up before first light, here’s how I did wake up….

That’s right, I was enjoying my fitful sleep ( I wasn’t really enjoying it.. Had terrible dreams… but I’d like to think I was.. Or well.. I wish I was.. But let’s not get carried away with minor details!) When my eyelids started burning red, you know, the kinda red you see when you shut your eyes in a brightly lit room. I tried to ignore it, thinking someone might have switched the lights on to look for something and that they’d turn it off any second now… Except they didn’t..

 So, I willed my eyes open just so that they were tiny slits, and what do I see? NOTHING! I couldn’t see anything because I wa blinded by the light! Believe it or not, one of the many things that went through my head just then was that this is it… Follow the light… =S

 Crazy, I know, so anyway, my eyes finally adjusted, and I realized that it must be around 11 in the morning… ( it’s still morning for me, don’t hate).. But that didn’t hit me as much as the sight in front of me did… Because the sunlight was directly hitting my eyes, I was at the perfect angle to see particles of dust floating around under the beam of light… They looked like tiny stars.. Like my own little galaxy XD

 I jumped out of bed the next instance and quickly fished my camera out of my desk drawer! I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t capture this moment!!

 And then of course, I took a billion photos of it, all of which I kept (I don’t believe in deleting photos.. unless it is absolutely necessary).

 Sigh.. What an adventurous morning.. XD




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