Out Of The Blue

It was a cooold foggy  morning today. I could barely get any shut-eye, what with all the nerves. My friend, Angelicsuccubus gave in her SAT exams this morning, and it was such a big part of my conscious mind, that it followed me at a subconscious level too!

So any way, this was my view early this morning..

The fog hid the base of the sky scraper in such a way that it seemed as thought it was photo-shopped into the scene! I mean, look at the buildings beside it, all in a neat little row..and then this randomness! o.O

Lol, well, her exam went “better than expected”, in her own words. And later we got to spend some time together, along with Yasamand. Had an awesome time with them, full of randomness =D

Hope you guys had an awesome day too =)





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