Treasure Hunting

Imagine that you have found a treasure map, and you are contemplating about what the treasure would be like

The first thing you’d see would be a treasure chest…

Then you’d imagine opening the heavy lid.. It would be quite a feat to get it to lift up, what with all those years of being sealed so tightly. You’d think that the treasure was packed somewhat haphazardly, as the pirates who stole it tried to fit it all in one giant crate and hide it away from the enemy..

And when you would finally open it… You’d find the riches of kingdoms lost…

So what do you do now? Take it all for yourself? Give it to a museum? Give it off to charity?

Tough decision, isn’t it? ( At this point I’m talking to those with a sense of  inner conscience =P)

Well then, lucky we were just imagining… XD




2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting

  1. It’s hard to say what I would do. I would find out what others do first? So for example they have those deep sea divers risk their lives, and they have to get something out of it… so good to ponder.

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