She knew that soon enough it would be time for her to leave. She also knew that she wasn’t very good with goodbyes…

She didn’t think that she would ever find peace if she left her loved ones in tears.. How could she be the bringer of such pain to those who made her who she was? These were the people who showed her how to dream, and  how to live those dreams. They told her that she could achieve whatever she wanted, if she were to wish hard enough. These were the people who she had shared so much with. They had laughed and cried together.. Seen the best and worse of each other and accepted all of it.

So she decided that she wouldn’t tell them that she was leaving… she wanted to remember them with their beautiful smiles and glittering eyes, and she wanted them to remember her the same.

Even as she decided this, she was somewhat unsure of herself. She had never kept anything from her friends, or failed if she ever tried. But her experience in these past few days had seen a dramatic change in her. She saw the world differently now. She was much better at protecting her heart, at putting on a poker face. She wasn’t as transparent as she used to be. She knew very well that if they knew, her friends would resent the way she had formed a hard shell around herself, because not only did it stop anything from harming her, it kept her emotions hidden inside, with no place to go.


“It’s all over now.” She thought to herself, “they will not grieve my absence for long, and they will have happy last memories to keep them going..” Little did she know that she had left a trail of time bombs in her wake… One by one, each of her friends’ hearts crumbled to dust with the pain of her loss.. They became like inanimate objects, having been overwhelmed by such deep emotion that it had left them numb inside.



Don’t ever even think of leaving someone without a warning… They deserve to know..





7 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Thank you so much for what you wrote about not leaving someone without warning. That we deserve to know. I agree wholeheartedly. I wish my ex girlfriend felt that way when she dumped me. Closure is all I ask.

    • I’m glad you could relate to It. Honestly, I didn’t write this under any context, it was just a thought, put into words.. I guess that’s why I didn’t write a complete story.. just a tiny part of it..leaving it for you to fill in the blanks as you wish..

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