Time Flies..

It was my baby sister’s birthday yesterday… She turned 11.

yeah, 11 aint no baby age, but honestly, the kid grew up too soon…

I still remember the time when she still couldn’t walk, and I used to hold her hands and have her walk all over me, sometimes causing pins and needles on my arms because she stepped on the blood supply, or bruising my face with a kick.. =)

I remember the time when she tried to munch on a dictionary, I’d never seen that sort of hunger for a language before that, or after it…lol

And that time when she used to have a slight lisp… It was the most adorable thing ever.. I honestly should have enjoyed it more while it lasted…

When she was a teeny tiny little baby, I loved to hold her, and watch her go to sleep in my arms…

Hah, I remember at night, when we were all tucked into bed, and would talk for a while before sleep consumed us… She would say “mom, I want my bottle milk now.” And suddenly everyone would go quiet,  my brother and I would pretend to be asleep so that we wouldn’t have to get up and get it for her… She was so ‘evil’, she would go like, “no mum, you don’t need to bring it…” and then she would choose between my brother and I, and send the one who she wasn’t happy with that day… Because she knew how much we both didn’t want to do it…

Happy Birthday kiddo




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