I went camping with my friends this once, and as per tradition, we had a late night barbeque.  I must admit, instead of helping out, I just kinda sorta hung around and took photographs of the burning coals and the fire.

 The coals looked absolutely stunning under the moonlight, with a spark or two flying out of them because of the cool winter breeze…


  Pretty innit?

But this isn’t the most fascinating part. I’m sure you all know that sparks are bright yellow in colour right? Well then, take a look at this…


Would you look at that! Not only is it giving off purple sparks, it’s even glowing purple! And no matter how many times I took a pic, each time with a different mode or setting…It always turned out the same… Pretty cool huh?

And of course, how could I resist putting up a photo of the fire? When you’re there, standing in front of it, it seems hot and unforgiving, reminding you of punishment and all things evil, but when you see it here, glowing so softly, it makes you think of cool nights, sitting huddled around a bonfire, telling stories, having a memorable time…


  It makes me smile even now to remember how much fuel we wasted just so that I could get my perfect photograph…

 Good ‘Ol Times..




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