I tried a new method of motivation on myself today, to make sure I wouldn’t touch my phone until I had reached a certain “milestone” in my notes..



Oh yes, I’m hoping it won’t kill my phone, but as you can see, I wrote on the screen…

This way, each time I wanted to use my phone, I would end up erasing the writing, and my heart aches to think that some of that ink might get stuck in unseen spaces, so I refrain from using my phone..

But, restless as I am, I knew that I would use it no matter what, I mean, how much of a barrier can  a white board marker be right? That’s why, I gave myself five “strikes”, ‘cept that  is one too many isn’t it?



I told myself that if I got all 5 strikes, I would have to switch my phone off, which equals to no music, which in turn equals to loss of concentration because of all the voices coming from outside..(The Horror!)

As you can see, I went up to four, but had to really really control myself in order to avoid the fifth…*shivers*

Just a little crazy eh?



P.S. @Antenna, this is why I couldn’t reply to your msg =S




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