Take a very good look at this photograph…Do you find anything missing..?



 Well.. Do you see it yet?

That’s right…no shadow…The car does not have the usual definitive, sharp shadow following it, and the reason for this is not that the road is lined by skyscrapers..No..It’s because of the gorgeous cloud cover up above!

This may seem pretty normal to some of you, but for those of us who live to see the blazing sun day after day after day, it is a welcome change.

Here in the U.A.E. , we tend to find shade under tall buildings, and those are the spots that most people like to park their cars in, but this is a rare sight, where we are being shaded by these vast, beautiful canopies of nature.

Oh and while we are on the subject of all things floating and fluffy, I want to say something that I have been waiting for the right moment to say.. You know how the only way for our eyes to tell apart the distance from one thing to another is always a comparison? Well, I realized that since the sun is the only other object that we can see farther than the clouds (in the day that is), we tend to think that they are extremely high up. But if you pay close attention as an airplane passes by in the sky, you will find that the clouds are closer than they seem, because you can so clearly see the airplane, and yet it flies higher than the clouds…

Kinda changes your perspective on life doesn’t it…Literally =P





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