We had a fire safety session at college the other day, and so they had created ‘safe’ fires, and taught us how to extinguish them safely.

 It’s a “no shit” comment, but the flames were somewhat high and radiating quite a lot of heat, and the whole time I was thinking of anger. Fire describes the emotion so perfectly…

 What I mean to say is that..have you ever seen how it starts off so suddenly (short tempered people), or sometimes takes its time to build up, and its flames reach higher and higher by every passing second.  Then there’s the smoke (angry person venting on others that don’t have anything to do with anything, leaving them somewhat offended and hurt). All this goes on until someone  manages to extinguish the fire, I’m hoping our hypothetical fire is controllable by civilians, or it dies down because of the rain ( Someone comes along and talks to the angry person, calming them down..or they get over the anger eventually and feel the grief, in case the anger was a follow up to denial).




  Other than all that crazy talk, I love the way the colours of the fire all blend in to create perfection.

And plus, I thought this post was appropriate for today, because I myself was having some anger-management issues this afternoon…=$

Anyhow, have an awesome weekend =)





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