A Little Bit Of History

I was talking to my uncle a while ago about our family history. Having lived away for so long, we barely know anything about our family.

So anyway, he told me about my grandfather, and how he was part of many political movements back home. He was a well known lawyer in his time, and apart from that, he was also a poet. His writing was a mixture of Urdu, Farsi and Arabic.

After we had this chat, I decided to take a look at his biography, and read some of his poetry. I found such interesting things there, that I felt extremely proud to be his grand daughter. He used to write about freedom (around the time when India and Pakistan were being separated), about his love for his own country and other such patriotic things. I wish I could put some of his words up…but I don’t think I can do them justice with the translation..and the originals are too hard to understand..-_-

What really caught my attention though was that he was not just a man of words, if he strongly believed in someone or something, he would fight for it. Once, when the third Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, was put under house arrest, he decided to go ahead with a strike, and went and resided in the jail present in his locality, until his voice was heard. I find this really beautiful. After that, he got this letter from the prime minister herself:



It’s feels really good…wish we were anywhere close being like him.




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