As I tried to capture the perfect floating feather today, I said, with a huff and a puff, “WHY IS IT SO WINDY??!?!?!”

The answer came to me instantly, that I can’t control nature. I’d either have to wait for a less windy day, or make do with what I’ve got. Being me, I wasn’t going to wait for another day, now that my mind was completely into taking this picture, no matter what it takes! umm… apparently the fact that we had a test in half an hour didn’t shake my resolve either #JustSaying

And let’s not forget my lovely assistant, Coconut ;P She did her own fair share of feather throwing for me ❤

So anyway, after twenty minutes of jumping in the air and looking like a complete fool (All in the name of Photography ;)), this is what I managed to come up with..

Fail #1

Fail #1

Yeah.. The feather just kinda fell to the ground..

Fail #2

Fail #2

This one, as you can see, is featherless… But still pretty =)

Fail #3

Fail #3

It’s actually pretty hard to photograph the feather when it comes at eye level, because of the stupid pavement…The feather tends to get lost in front of it. so I decided to try something else, and came up with this.. not perfect, but ❤

Thanks for helping Coconut!<3<3





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