Like A Boss..?

I was at the dorms again today, doing my part in the hair pulling and paper tearing, but in the middle of it all, I thought to myself, “These girls that live here, they have the perfect studying environment, people who can help them out, and better yet they’re living with friends! Who wouldn’t want THAT?”

Of course, it didn’t take me very long to realise that those who live there don’t think in the same way. I mean, they do like the fact that they’ve got their friends with them, but they’d rather be at home, or anywhere else… The feel extremely restricted in the dorms, what with the insane rules and shizz..

And there you have it… another clear example of human nature.. how we always want what we don’t have, and don’t appreciate what we’ve got. I salute to those who control these thoughts and try to make the best of everything, like this girl here:



She  has apparently decided to take it all lightly, and live it like a boss. I liiike

Umm.. I have a feeling that I’m making no sense whatsoever… =S




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