You know what, it isn’t fair that all the lecturers think that the back-benchers are just sitting in the lecture for attendance and have no interest in the lecture… The have no choice! When you’re sitting all the way back, because everyone has taken all the good seats, and you can barely hear the professors (who for some reason find it such a hassle to use a mike even though it is easily accessible…), you tend to zone out… Whether you like it or not!

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the proof lies on the back of the chairs and on the tables… GRAFFITI! none of the front seats have it, because those who sit in the front get to take full part in the discussion and make the most out of it, while the people at the back, no matter how eager, get unintentionally ignored, and this is the end result:




I know it’s all ‘ugh’ and ‘how could supposedly mature students behave like this??’  But it’s really not all that unbelievable…

Have a good day, and don’t get demoralized if you get ignored at a lecture…. They really dont’ mean it.



P.S.: Yes, our Histology Professor calls us “Girlieez”… and no… She doesn’t mean to.

❤ @Nida


2 thoughts on “Back-Benchers

  1. Hahahahhaa yes! Someone send this to the professors!
    And then they go on about how they know us students cause they have been there done that ppffttt
    Thank youu 😀 ❤

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