It Was Only Just A Dream..?

Not so long ago, I dream that I woke up and found all my friends sitting around me, talking, laughing…

Yesterday, that dream came to life! That’s exactly why I didn’t blog yesterday…I was too busy reliving my dream =)

But truth be told, the reality was much nicer.. I learned how to “play” the guitar (LOOOOOOOOOONG way to go…) @angelicsuccubus



Had amazing cheesecake..



And had a GIANT bar of chocolate all to myself…@Eternallstar



It totally made me feel like Charlie from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory XD

And ofcourse the best part was that I was with some of my most favorite people.

@Furyguardian, @Eternallstar, @Yasamand, @Angelicsuccubus, @NamChaudhry Thank you all for making me dream a reality <3<3<3




4 thoughts on “It Was Only Just A Dream..?

  1. It was more than just a dream (8)

    But if it were.. It had to be the best dream telepathically shared in the known and unknown history of our kind ;P

    Love ya girl..

    P.S. We’ll hopefully share another dream next weekend with a different avenue XD

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