Yesterday, I told you guys about the reason we celebrate Eid and stuff, but today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about how we celebrate it in our home.

The day starts pretty early. We all wake up at about 5 and get showered and dressed and leave for the Eid prayers. Eid is said to be an event special for girls, as they love to wear new clothes and dress up, and it is tradition to wear new clothes and leave the house nice and clean on this day(oh and it is also tradition for all the ladies/girls to put henna on Eid..). Some people go to Mosques to perform Eid prayers, and some go to the Musallahs which are basically huge open areas where people come together to perform Eid prayers.

After that, we (the girls/women of the house, go home. Whereas my dad and brother go to perform the sacrifice.

The meat is brought in and divided into a part for the house, one for friends and family and one for the poor.

Once all that is done, we get Eidiyah from our parents, which is basically a gift in the form of something we like or even money. It is tradition for elders to give their younger Eidiyah, so sometimes, if we’re really really lucky, we get some from our brother 😛

The rest of the day is spent either visiting family, and gifting them the sacrifice meat, while having to snack with each and every one of them. It’s really nice, but by the end of the day you could be feeling a little sick, as it is impossible to refuse to eat what someone has offered.

Or, the day is spent sitting at home and being visited by family and friends. Traditionally, my mum makes a sweet dish which we call sawain, which is basically made of vermicelli and a lot of nuts.

Among all this business, I got a chance to take a quick picture of the sawain before it vanished…



Have an awesome Eid!




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