Doctor Who..?

A very special person sent me a very special present when I was accepted at med school, and I want to share it with EVERYONE!XD

It really made my day, to know that somebody so far away thought so much about me..It’s a really humbling thought. And this person in particular has a part in who I am right now, and how I write.. If it wasn’t for her, I might not have been able to write the way I do. Not only that, no matter how far she has gone, she still listens to what I have to say, makes time for my random ranting and most of all makes sense out of it.. Lol

I’m very lucky to be able to say that I know someone like you.. I’ve rarely seen someone so selfless and thoughtful about others in my entire life (whatever that means :P)

Thank you for giving me sooo manyy reasons to smile! =D



This is what she had to say about this one:

 The first one is of you – or little H! – as a doctor – I used that photo of you as a little girl you had here on Facebook which I loved – you might notice the colours she’s wearing are the same.. Afterwards I thought I’ve made you look a little like a kewpie doll but I guess I was kinda looking back & thinking ahead.. ;) & trying to suggest something of that little madam’s determination!



And here’s what she said about this one:

 I started out looking for quotes on medicine/doctors/health/life/death – which is kinda how I got to little dancing skeletons..! The quote just seemed right & made me think of making the most of life & dancing despite everything – or to spite Death – I like to think that’s exactly what those lil skeletons are doing.. ;)


I absolute LOVE them!

Thank you!!!!!




P.S. Ily


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