This Is War



I was playing with my camera today (yes…I was getting distracted..AGAIN), and I was reading the tweets on my timeline at the same time. While doing that, I realized that a new trend has started these days.. iPhonography.

I thought it was kinda funny..I mean..really..?

But then, it hit me that it isn’t really as crazy as it sounds, because  phones nowadays, and I’m not just talking about iPhones, have respectably high-resolution camera’s (as compared to before anyways..) and these photographs don’t turn out half as bad.

Does this mean that soon enough, everyday digital cameras (not DSLR’s) are going to be forgotten and left in some dark corner of some random electronic shop..?

That just sucks..for me anyways, because I love the feel of a camera in my hand, professional or not. Even now, I find it weird to have to take an artistic photo with my phone…its just… Too light maybe..?

But then again, It is convenient to not have to carry fifty things around with you, and if you forget your camera at home, no worries, phone to the rescue!!

What do you think..?




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