No Going Back

It’s nothing shocking, but it hits me again and again, day after day, that I have chosen a path. Now there’s no going back.

I’m not saying that I’m not happy, I am..technically,.. All I’m saying is that, this is it, my future has been planned, and (hopefully) I’m only going to be moving forward from here forth.



I have realised, that my thinking has changed a bit ever since I started going to med school. Or well, my friend pointed it out to me. It hit her when this once, I was telling her how to impress her lecturers (she’s studying biotech). I told her a little story:

Once, a scientist was sitting by a pond, when he came across a frog. He got a little uneasy by the closeness of it, so he clapped his hands to scare it away.

Just then he realised, that the frog only jumped when he heard a sound. He thought about it (for no apparent surprise), and decided that he would do an experiment to find out if the frog’s ears were in its legs.

So he took the frog to his lab, and clapped once. In his notes, the scientist wrote: The frog jumped four metres into the air with all four legs.

The, he cut one of its legs and clapped again. His observations said: The frog jumped three metres with one leg amputated.

Then he cut the second leg and third leg and wrote: The frog jumps 1 metres on two legs and three inches on one leg.

When he had gotten rid of the fourth leg as well, the scientist clapped and found that the frog did not jump.

For his conclusion, the scientist wrote: When the frog loses all its legs, it loses its sense of hearing.


Near the end o the fable, my friend said to me, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard that joke.”

And I went, ” Well, It’s not a joke, it’s more of a lesson. You’re supposed to realise that for anything you do, it is important to give it thought and get to the correct conclusion.”

That’s when she said to me, “Yeah, you’re right. I never thought of it like that…”

Then we just laughed at how serious I made it sound -_-



P.S.: Those who went to Dr. Keith’s Talk with me, This happened before that =P


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