When I was little, my Dad used to issue books from the library in the summer so that my brother and I wouldn’t spend all our time watching television or playing computer games. He used to bring any book we asked him to. They included Roald Dahl, Goose Bumps and other such books.

One summer, my Dad brought home a few books by Enid Blyton, on the recommendation of the librarian. So, I picked up one of them ,and started reading the short stories. Eventually I had gone through every book. When I was somewhere in the middle of the last book, I realised that a lot of her stories talked about toys coming to life. Even then, the thought creeped me out..I mean…my toys were NOT supposed to do that.

So today when I came back home and say these two staring out the window so longingly, it just made me wonder… Seriously..?








2 thoughts on “Creepy

  1. I loved enid’s books! I think I still do, I wouldn’t mind reading them, they make me happy.
    I always wanted to see my toys come to life, i’ve done all kinds of wacky stuff to check..yeah..they don’t come to life..unless they knew i was awake or watching xD
    Lovely picture (:

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