Alright, it’s time to let your imagination run wild again. I would have asked you to close your eyes..but then you wouldn’t be able to read ..lol..you could shut them after though..

Imagine that you are sitting on a bench in the park facing the jungle gym, slides and swings. It’s a beautiful day, the sun Is shining brightly with the occasional shadow casted by the clouds that come in its way. You close your eyes for a second. You can hear the children laughing, playing, completely oblivious to anything going on around them. A cool breeze comes along and flirts with your hair, you don’t remember leaving it open though…as that thought interrupts you, you open your eyes to find that a little white flower is floating down towards you. You can barely feel its weight as It touches down softly right onto the palm of your hand.

You look at It carefully, studying the curve of each petal and the ‘tracks’ layed down for the bees to follow so that they can reach the sweet sweet nectar. You stare at it as though It holds the answer to life, the universe and everything (but you already know that it’s 42 =P)

Finally, you reach a point where you believe that you know this little flower so well, that you could tell it apart from all the others .

Just as you brought it closer to your face to take in it’s enchanting fragrance, another breeze comes out of nowhere and snatches the flower from your hand. You get up and follow it for a few paces, not wanting to lose the flower, as it floats weightlessly. But as the breeze dies down, it brings with it a shower of beautiful white flowers, not that you notice, you’re just coo concerned about Your flower.

You look up towards the heavens and mouth a silent ‘Thank You’ , for now, you can get your flower back. But when you look down again, you get a sudden sinking feeling, because you see identical flowers strewn across the grass, and no way to tell them apart.

You have lost your flower. Forever.



P.s.: I think it sounds more like a descriptive passage, but the parts which I would take a photograph of would either be your silent moment with the flower, the part where you are showered with the flowers, or right at the end… you may or may not agree, but then again, that's all up to you and your imagination =)


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