Day Dreaming

This morning, I was lucky enough to drive by the beach. For most of the time that we drove by it, I just stared at it.. Didn’t bother to reach for my camera.. I was just lost in my own thoughts. The memory of a walk down the beach came to me… It was night-time, and the weather was nice and cool, so my sister and I had gotten my parents to take us there… Sun or no sun.

As I walked away from my family, lost in my own little bubble, I didn’t realise that I had gone quite far. When it did occur to me to turn around, I saw that I had walked for way longer than planned, and my family was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t panic though. I knew that if I just walked back down the beach I would find them.

So, as I made my way back, I turned around without thinking, and my eyes rested on my footprints in the sand. Without giving it a second thought, I called my friend, breaking into a slight jog. She answered the phone to find me breathless and saying, “Dude, I’m all alone at the beach, and I think someone is following me…cuz each time I turn around… I see tracks..but no person…HELP!”

It took her a second to realise what I was saying, but when she did, she just laughed and called me delusional =P

Anyway, when I finally snapped out of my day-dream (almost too late) I took a quick picture.

So, here’s to that crazy night… ❤ Electron



 I dig my toes into the sand
The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds
Strewn across a blue blanket
I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment I am happy…happy

                                    I wish you were here




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