Remember the time when you first learned that if you use a magnifying glass to concentrate the sunlight on a piece of paper, the paper would catch fire?

Well, as I was studying today, using my magnifying glass (don’t ask why), I remembered that. A random thought came to my mind just then, that maybe i could light a candle with it if i waited long enough. I needed a break from studying anyways.

So I sat by the window and set everything up, and by the end of it my arm was almost half dead because of holding the magnifying glass for so long!

This is a picture of when some of the wax around the wick had melted and the wick itself had started to smoke slightly, can you see where the smoke has been caught in the light?



And this is when the candle finally started burning:



And finally the flame did a happy dance!XD









6 thoughts on “Experiment

  1. Different magnifying glasses can start candles more quickly. It depends on their curvature and, and thereby how much light they are gathering. Also, it can be more effective outside or through clearer glass, because windows filter out some of the suns light (many of them even have a little UV coating to filter out some of the suns ultra-violet light).

    Fun experiment, makes me wish I had a magnifying glass and that it wasn’t raining out

    • Yup, and being outside helps in heating it up aswell. I kept the window beside the one in the picture open for the heat. As for the light intensity.. It was a clear, HOT day..so no worries ;]
      You should enjoy the rain, ur very lucky to have it =]

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