Thanks to my least favourite person in the world right now, I am unable to post the photograph that I had taken today. therefore, I have decided that instead of letting my blood turn into steam, I am going to paint a mental image for you, and it is up to you how you build it in your head.

Imagine you are in a bus, which isn’t uncomfortably crowded, and everyone riding with you is a complete stranger. You have nothing and no one to worry about, not a single stressful thought on your mind.

You don’t feel tired or sleepy, just comfortable, your body having adjusted to the smooth rocking of the bus. You’re listening to soft music, loud enough to form a little bubble arround you, but soft enough to keep the bubble from popping.

You look out the window, as hundreds of trees pass you by. And suddenly you realise, that everything outside looks completely stagnant, as if you are the only moving constant. Not a single leaf of a single branch of a single tree is moving. The water fountain at the roundabout seems to be frozen in time, its perfect archs glistening in the sun, flirting with its brilliant light, forming little rainbows as you go around it.

You see little children with extra heavy school bags, waiting for their buses. They don’t even seem to be breathing. Each one of them, beautiful in their childish innocence, again, frozen in time.

You see people playing badminton, and as you whiz by, it seems to you that the ball is suspended in mid-air.

Then, as you make the final turn toward your destination, and get ready to get off the bus, you feel a cool breeze come in from a nearby open window, and look up to find a single tree, dancing with such grace that it makes you think. Think that it felt as though the universe had held its breath for a while, waiting for something to happen. And now, all was better, and the universe rejoiced.

The thought brings a little smile on your face, and as you walk away from the bus, you wonder about how lucky you are, to have caught the world in such a unique moment. You also walk away with the knowledge that you may or may not be able to experience this again.


P.s. Do let me know if it worked, and if you liked today's 'picture'.


6 thoughts on “Stagnant.

    • Thank you!! Yeah well i feel absolutely pissed off that i couldn’t post my pic..*MUMBLESABOUTREVENGE* I made a commitment.. I found out through my blog that I could actually write to save my life. So, yay for me i guess!XD

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