Tea party

Remember those times, when you sat with all  your stuffed toys and imaginary friends to have a tea party?

You’d fill the little kettle with water or juice, or if your mommy would let you, then real tea too. Then you would ask your guests, “Milk and sugar? ” And would think to yourself, what a silly question, the tea would most definitely taste absolutely unbearable without sugar!

Then you would stir in the sugar and the milk for each one of your little friends, and after handing them all their teacups, you’d sit down in your seat and compliment them about their dresses or shoes, as you had seen your mum do so many times.

After taking a delicate sip or two, you would offer them some tea cakes, or cookies, and continue this charade until the tea finished. Eventually you would go get some more, and maybe this time, pretend to be the guests, and receive all the complements….



I may have played this once or twice myself 😛

In my defence, it’s sort of like practising how to socialize, except I was never one for soft toys or imaginary friends…I’d pretty much just talk to myself.. XD

Eventually I got bored with all that and bought myself a train track…oh how Idid love to build it in so many different ways =D

But years later, my sister came along, and destroyed them… And I feel no shame in admitting that, at the age of sixteen, that still broke my heart.. *mumbles*

Back then I’d consoled myself by saying, “That’s okay, once you are an engineer, you can make them for real!” Except that didn’t work out either, as I ended up going to med school.. and of course my awesome performance in physics and maths wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere…

So, today, in fact, right this very second, I shall promise to myself that I will buy myself a new train track. I promise I’ll post a picture of it when I do =P

Now I’m going to go enjoy my tea, for old times sake… Maybe I’ll even tell myself that I look pretty =P



P.S. The black one’s for you T.. it’s coffee. XD

P.P.S. please excuse the unnecessary rambling… but that’s just me =D


8 thoughts on “Tea party

  1. Being a kid was so much fun, being a teenager was even better, think life will get any better or that’s it for us?
    p.s – You’re really pretty.

  2. This is quite literally the first tea party I’ve ever been too. & frankly the BEST! Since I don’t actually have to have tea!
    Btw you look quite lovely this afternoon B.O.L, is that a new shirt? XD

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