There were once two birds, April and Kiwi,  the closest of friends. Since they were born, wherever they went, they went together.

You never found them perched quietly by a water fountain, or looking for food by their lonesome. They would always be loud, always energetic, always quarrelling and then making it up to each other, always full of LIFE!

So, as was their routine, they left their nest one day, flying side by side, showing off their bright yellow feathers to anyone who would look their way. Eventually Kiwi, the more impatient one of the two, started to fly in an arrow straight line towards their favourite tree. April on the other hand, took her time, now high, now low, weaving in and out of the trees, taking in the beautiful surroundings…again. That was the drill, that’s how they did it, every single morning, and no matter how impatient Kiwi got, she never interrupted April as she flew on, memorising every branch, every leaf, every fruit that these trees bore.

Finally, when April came and perched on the branch beside Kiwi, they started to think about what game to play today. After much discussion, they decided that hide and seek was the way to go. There was only one rule to the game which was that all trees except this one were off limits, as they knew this one like the back of their wings, and there was no way they could get lost. It was absolutely safe.

So Kiwi lifted off gracefully, to allow April to choose her hiding place,

‘I’m sooo gonna find her within two seconds!’ She thought, ‘April always hides in the silliest of places.’

Ten seconds later, Kiwi came back down to the tree, perfectly confident. She perched herself on one of the lower branches, and looked upwards. The sun shone brightly through the dark dark green leaves. Only then did she realise that a single beam of light was shining right on April through a space between the leaves, highlighting her with heavenly light. Her first thought was ‘AHA!I GOT HER!’ , but it took her just another millisecond to take the view in front of her for what it truly was. At that point, she knew in her little birdie heart, that this was the most breathtaking scene she had ever scene, or ever will. She didnt’ want to move a single muscle, or else a leaf might get blown off, this picture was oh so perfect. She knew she’d have to, and eventually the wind had caused the gap to close up, and this is what she was left with:



Kiwi realised that it was time to creep up on April, so she slowly moved, from branch to branch, and just as she came directly below her, she ruffled her feathers and chirped as loudly as she could!



This caused April to lose balance, and her wings got tangled in her desperate attempt to open them up, causing her to go crashing down to the forest floor!

Kiwi panicked, and quickly flew to April. Her best friend was out cold. She made a loud cry for help, and a pigeon from a nearby tree came instantly to see what the problem was…

That night, as April lay in the nest, her wings tied to twigs to help them heal right, Kiwi sitting by her side, crying, crying crying. Her mother had told her that April could most probably never fly again. Kiwi had felt as if she had lost her own two wings. She hated herself for this, wished she could go back in time and fix it, wished she could see April happily perched on that branch again, illuminated by that beautiful golden torch.

Eventually Kiwi fell into an uncomfortable sleep. She dreamt of the times they had spent together, how April treated her with so much affection. How she used to save her space when they went for Winter school, how she used to fight off anyone who would dare to harm her single feather.



suddenly, she saw April falling off that tree all over again, and she woke up screaming! Only to find that April had passed away, a tiny peaceful smile on her pretty face.

The next day, Kiwi was nowhere to be seen. Everyone panicked, hoping she wouldn’t put herself in harms way!

They did find her, eventually, sitting on a branch of a random tree in the forest, singing the saddest song they had ever heard. But to her, this was the last place where she had flown to side by side with April. This was their favourite tree, and now, April’s hiding place was her favourite spot, and this was her song from this moment on.


Years have passed since then, but even now, if you pass by their favourite tree, you can hear Kiwi sing, with the same pain and love in her heart. And if you look carefully, you might see her too, sometimes even illuminated by a golden halo.




So, what do you think? Is it wrong to hang on to memories of the past…to let them hold you down?

Or do you not see it that way? do you see it as a heart-warmingly beautiful thing, remembering your friend, day after day after day after day?

I personally think it’s quite okay to feel things, and to let your emotions out…be it through a song or a poem, because you cannot control what you feel, and only barely how you react to it. Just don’t let it consume you.

Just saying..




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