That Was Then, This Is Now.

What seems like a lifetime ago, I used to walk down a path like this one, with one of my dearest friends by my side. We used to spend every break, just walking, talking, wondering out loud about random things.

This once, she asked me why the moon doesn’t go off at a tangent, and another time, how people realised that the earth was spherical. The funniest part is, at the age of ten, I would use my logic to explain these things to her. I used to let my imagination run wild..and ofcourse, a little  from what i’d learned in school 😛

I miss those days…now both of us are gone..and so have the path.. We’re too busy with time to talk.. no time to share random thoughts.



The world’s a roller coaster
And I am not strapped in
Maybe I should hold with care
But my hands are busy in the air saying:

 I wish you were here

I’m told that that’s life, and that I should deal with it…but you know what?

I’m a rebel…




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