Unexpected perfection

This morning, on my way to University, I actually stayed up…and I found so many beautiful things to capture that it made me absolutely mad that my bus driver was driving so fast!

So, upset as I was, I decided to take a walk in the college grounds, searching for the perfect moment.

Eventually, I stopped by a tree, which bore enchanting desert roses, and I knew this was it.

So, I readied my camera and pointed it at the most beautiful looking flower arrangement. As I was about to take the photograph, I realised that I was right below the tree, and therefore, everything in my photograph would appear dark, except the baby blue sky of course. and just as that thought crossed my mind, I realised, that on my screen, I could see the silhouette of a pretty bird, looking longingly at the sky. Without wasting another second, I took the photograph, the thought of the flowers completely lost to me.

The end result of this little adventure, is my today’s photograph…guess the  roses will just have to wait.

Unexpected perfection

There’s a realm above the trees
Where the lost are finally found
Touch your feathers to the breeze
And leave the ground




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