As I opened the door of the oven to devour my delicious looking muffin, a sweet smell overwhelmed my senses, and I was taken over by a flashback.

Little me walked hand in hand with my older brother. We were walking to the near by doughnut shop, for it was a weekend, and weekends always meant doughnuts!

We walked into the shop, and halted in front of what then seemed like, the HUGE display counter. Normally, I would go for the chocolate one, no second thoughts, no questions asked. But today, I was in an experimental mood, so I looked very carefully, and tried to decide what today’s special would be.

Finally, I looked up at the kind, chubby face behind the counter and pointed at the yummy LOOKING jelly doughnuts. After my brother chose what he wanted, we payed and raced out of the shop, wanting to get home as quickly as possible, the delicious smell of the doughnuts wafting our way through the paper bag, only to be stopped halfway by my brother, as he asked me to slow down, or else I might trip over the uneven pavement.

At that point, I just thought he was being crazy..i mean..didn’t he want to eat??! But now, I wish I had valued his concern a bit more, because now, he doesn’t like taking me anywhere with him, or coming along with me when I need to buy something… he’d rather go on his own.. not that he doesn’t love me.. he just doesn’t show it so openly.

The time that has passed me by can’t come back now..and all I am left with are these memories.. just like the crumbs of this mufffin.


‘Years go by and time just seems to fly,

But the memories remain…’


P.S. the jelly doughnuts… not my type..



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