Making Salsa in School!!

While all around the world, students are busy working their asses off to get good grades in their As Levels, me and my friends; Electron, Marmalade and Yasamand, are busy making salsa!

But that’s not all..the crazy fact is that we’re doing it in school!!!!

Right now, Electron and Yasamand are off to order the ‘raw material’ from the grocery…and Marmalade is telling me the story of a book ‘Love at the time of Dragons’…pretty entertaining if you ask me! apparently..this kid in the book is into mummifying! And there is a great exchange of threats going on…:S

oh damn it! i couldn’t finish this yesterday!!!!

sigh..oh well..anyways, the they ordered tomatoes, onions, green chillies, garlic and lemons from the grocery store..and i ended up dicing it all on a cutting bored (normally used for cutting paper or card on,with a blade), a VERY blunt knife (NIGHTMARE!!!).They also ordered the plain Doritos but he ended up sending over the salsa flavored ones..but they tasted fine so no biggie..

when it was all done..we sat around the conference table in our common room and enjoyed some dancy music courtesy Marmalade and a ‘fun fun fun fun’ convo.

when we were done…Marmalade went a little cuckoo  and poured glitter over Electron’s head..which resulted in a brief glitter fight and a pissed of Electron!

But she finally recovered from her pissed-off-ness when she had bigger problems to handle i.e. The Jar!

I’d rather not go into too much detail…because honestly…words can NOT describe The Jar..not ever!But for those who understand urdu..this saying basically sums it all up :’bagal mein chura, munh mein ram’

so yeah..that’s almost all about the epic day we made salsa in school! =)



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